Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

Uh-oh... Things are starting to disappear around my house. Not cookies, but ice cream bars.

My favorite latte bars have dropped from 4 left in the box to 1... I strictly told my family that these were for me only (since I bought them with my own money).

So now, it is time for me to play detective and solve the mystery of the latte ice cream bars.

1) Every good cop needs her cup of joe. Coffee and cops go together like peanut butter and jelly. In every good detective TV show or movie (or cartoon), there's an officer drinking his coffee and eating a jelly doughnut.

I wonder if cops feel cliche when they drink coffee and eat doughnuts on the job...

This is what I would look like if I was a police officer...

Hot stuff, right? :)

Yeah... I got my coffee in my hand, a doughnut in my mouth, and my aviator sunglasses.

2) As a kid, I loved Nancy Drew books. I devoured book by book, making my way through the series.
 I have 11 sitting on my shelf right now, and probably more throughout my house. They were awesome books with a kick-ass main character (girl-power, baby!). But, here are some other great mystery novels...

Gilda Joyce - She's a middle-school psychic investigator, but the author writes her with maturity, a know-it-all attitude, and a little bit of silliness.
Agatha Christie - A classic writer with hundreds of mystery novels. Any book you pick up by her is one of the greatest mystery novels. One of my favorites is And Then There Were None.
Sherlock Holmes - Enough said.
Owls Well That Ends Well - This is a funny mystery novel following Meg, whose yard sale doesn't go as planned when a dead body is found.
Bury Your Dead - A classic mystery novel about Inspector Gamache and finding the person who filled the eccentric man looking for a burial site of the town's founder.
Letter From Home - This novel is about Gretchen, an elderly woman looking back on the summer of 1944 during WWII, where her friend's mom is murdered in a small town.

(That's Kira-Kira sitting next to my Nancy Drew novels... It's an amazing novel about an American-Japanese girl who is taught everything by her sister Lynn, while her parents work night and day in terrible working conditions.)

3) Of course, every detective must look stylish when catching a criminal. Even if high heels are waaay to uncomfortable to run, jump, dive, or basically do anything besides walking, they must be worn. I find this very sexist on cop TV shows. The female police officers look gorgeous wearing 3-inch high heels and they can break into a sprint to catch the criminal. Seriously? I can barely walk in those things. But, here are my adorable detective clothes, because god knows I won't be running for anybody.

I am in love with that $1,200 trench coat. It's burberry and it's so stylish and I want to wear it everywhere. That is all :)

P.S. My dad gets really hungry at like midnight and goes digging through our kitchen... Mystery solved!

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