Monday, August 22, 2011

Cheetah, Harper Lee, & Post-Its

Hiiiiiii :)

^ I like sharpies
 ^ & post-its.
and bling mini staplers.

That's right everyone - I went school supply shopping. Dreadful for most, but BEST DAY EVER for me! I lovelovelove school supply shopping.

Tip:  This is actually an old make-up bag, but it is perfect as a pencil pouch!


1) I don't have much to report on coffee, except that I just found a giftcard to Starbucks!! I am definitely stopping at the drive-thru on my way to work tomorrow.

2) Harper Lee = awesome. Seriously you need to read To Kill a Mockingbird - it is my FAVORITE book of all time. It is a timeless classic that every single person on the planet should read. I found the book for 50 cents. Yup, it cost me 2 quarters. On one hand, I kind of felt bad purchasing one of the greatest American novels for only half of a dollar. Buuuttt... on the other hand, I looove finding great deals on great items and saving my money to go buy other stuff :)

3) Besides sharpies, notebooks, and white-out, I did some accessory shopping at the Mall of America (it's actually not as cool as it appears - but useful 'cause all the stores are in one HUGE mall). You can see my favorite slouchy $10 American Eagle T-shirt and brown studded leather bracelet in my photos above, but here is what else I found...
* This headband is from a cute little boutique at MOA

* Story on earrings below...

Cute stuff, huh?

Okay, so those Betsey Johnson oversized cheetah pearl earrings - I'm actually obsessed with them!!! I got them for my 15th birthday and wore them EVERY DAY.

Here's the sad part: I lost one of them :( I put them in my purse to switch up accessories, and one of them just disappeared. I was depressed for 6 months, until I found them on eBay!!! I was ecstatic because they were the last pair on the planet so I paid waaayy too much for them - but that's okay, 'cause I will wear them foreva and never let them out of my sight.

See ya later alligator :)

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