Friday, August 19, 2011

La La La... Whatever

For the last few days of summer, I want to drink in the rest of my carefree days. Tonight Tonight is one of my favorite summer songs! Partying, dancing, whatever. It's a little awkward, but has a fun beat - so obviously I love it.

You know those days where you feel invincible? Like anything is possible and all you want to do is drive until the end of eternity? That was my day yesterday. I had my windows done, sunroof open, music blasting, and I was singing at the top of my lungs. I looked pretty awesome :)

It was just a perfect Thursday.

1) Soooo... Even though school hasn't started, I still have to do school projects. Lame, right? (Wooow... I feel even more lame by saying lame.) Anyways, I got mixed up with the times and got there an hour early. I go to a private school, about 15 minutes from my suburban home, located in the smallest of smalls town. There is literally one stoplight. So I decided to check out this small town.

Well, I was right... There is nothing there but a gas station, a grocery store, a bar, and a cute little coffee shop. I'm sure you can guess where I went. So I got my cup of coffee and just sat in the corner for 45 minutes, wasting time by playing on my phone and soaking up the small town charm.

I had delicious coffee, heard some funny/gossipy conversation, and flirted with the coffee boy (he was sooo cute!).

Also... Check out what I stumbled upon...
It is just too cute :)

2) Oh happy day! I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday!!!!!

I love that store and it loves my wallet. Of course, I can never walk out of B&N without something... So check it out:
I've read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time before (it's such a great and really fascinating novel), but I have to buy and reread it for AP English. The Beautiful and the Damned is a novel I have been dying to read. I love Fitzgerald's work, and plus he is a Minnesota native.

3) The third thing I got from B&N was... Seventeen magazine!!!

I have a subscription, but it just ended, and boy, was I excited to get my hands on the September issue. There are TONS of cute clothes and great back-to-school advice. I grabbed my new pink pen and marked up every page. Here are my favorites from the issue...

1. I love wearing oxfords under sweaters for fall. The gingham/stripe mix is super cute!
2. Sooo... I really want my hair like this! But I would have to buy that $35 curling iron... So instead. Curl your whole head of hair, run your fingers through it to give it more of the wave vibe that her has and then tie it in a knot and pin it!
3. White jeans + cute floral top + tons of fun accessories = perfect back-to-school outfit
4. I am in love with this outfit!!! I am going out to buy a denim top and that skirt ASAP.
5. Inspiration outfit - I am trying to find these items in a way that it will look cute on me.
6. Vera Bradley ad - I am obsessed with this new print.
7. Cute preppy coat and plaid oxford - a perfect casual fall outfit.
8. I reaaallly want to try this trend sometime - cropped sweater over a dress.
Fail... Let's try that again.
I have waaay too much fun on Photo Booth.

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  1. I love the title of your blog! Those are my favourite things too :)


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