Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheap & Easy

For the majority of people, finding anything cheaper (and better) is one of the most difficult things in life. I mean, if I were a gazillionaire, I would look like I just walked off a runway, while maintaining the confidence, beauty, and chic-ness of a model. Of course, I am no Oprah Winfrey, and unfortunately I cannot afford to give all my readers a brand new car. Here are some fun and easy tips to not go broke while maintaining a fabulous lifestyle.

1) Buy a coffee maker. Now, I know that it's not cheap, but it will pay off in the long run. If you are like me  and you need coffee with an IV, paying $5 for one cup of coffee every day starts to hurt the wallet.
(How is that small cup of coffee supposed to last me throughout my 16-18 hour day?) After you buy your coffee maker, look up yummy recipes on the internet to keep the deliciousness of a Starbucks drink. Like this drink here or here (the second one does require a blender). Mmmm... coffee is tasting just as delicious, and now you can go spend the money you saved on books and clothes.

2) Every Tuesday I volunteer at the PROP Shop - a second-hand thrift store that gives necessities free of charge to people in need. Not only is this very rewarding, but I find amazing deals. Last week I literally bought 40 books for $20! The ladies I work with were laughing because I just kept grabbing book after book. How can you say no when it's 50 cents a novel? I grabbed a lot of classic novels, some books I've been meaning to pick up, a few intriguing novels, and one guilty pleasure (can you guess it?). Here's a glimpse at a few of the books I picked up.
So check out a thrift store nearby you to find amazing deals on great books!

3) Vintage is in, my friends. So while you are perusing the works of Shakespeare and Tolstoy, peek around the corner at the overwhelming racks of clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses, and more. But, thrifting is hard. If you go fast, you might miss something worthwhile, but if you go slow, it'll take you 5 hours to buy some small clutch that you probably don't even need. My advice: take it slow, but don't dawdle. If you don't like something: move on - don't convince yourself to like it.

If thrift stores are too much for you, raid your mother or grandmother's closet! There is seriously a lot of hidden treasures in boxes stuffed far underneath a bed or hidden in the back corner of a closet. Mom's 80's leg warmers, Grandma's emerald brooch, or a cute little black dress that needs just a little bit of tailoring. I found some fun, crazy, and costume jewelry in my mom's closet from old relatives.

Let's hope she'll let me borrow some of it!

If vintage isn't your style. Here are some shops that are cute, chic, and cheap:

     Forever 21
     Go Jane
     Nordstrom Rack
     Old Navy
     T.J. Maxx

Have fun bargain shopping!!!

P.S. My guilty pleasure is the Nicholas Sparks novel. Sometimes a girl just needs a good romance novel :)

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