Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cough Syrup and Kleenex

That's right folks, I'm sick. Sore throat, stuffy nose, achey body... it's a cold. For me, it's always weird to be sick in the summer. I feel like you can only get sick in the school year. Nope, I am lying down on my couch in sweats and a T-shirt under 3 blankets watching Friday Night Lights (my new favorite TV show). AHH-CHOO! Just sneezed :)

Anyways, here are the best things when you're sick:

1) Weeellll.... Coffee is definitely not the best thing to drink when you are sick. Sooo I'm kind of going to adjust this a bit. I like to drink 3 things when I am sick.
Emergen-C - If you haven't heard of this, you are missing out. Emergen-C is this really good powder packet that you stir into water. It's filled with vitamins and a ton of other stuff to help make you feel better. It tastes OK - not great, but not disgusting. In my opinion, something that makes you feel better and the taste doesn't make you want to puke your guts out is definitely worth it!

Tea - A similar substance to coffee. Tea feels really good on a sore throat. My mom always makes me a honey-lemon tea. It's just boiling water with lemon juice and honey added (which probably isn't actual tea).

Dairy Queen's Arctic Rush - Yes, DQ always makes me feel better. Despite the loads of calories, this treat feels amazing on my sore throat. Even if I am sick for 5 days, I will have one of these a day. My favorite is the cherry with the ice cream (it's called a float).

2) Catching up on your reading is always great to do when you're sick. Currently, I am re-reading the Harry Potter series. So if there is anything that you have been dying to read, something you want to re-read, or something that is on your bookshelf and you haven't read it yet, pick it up when you are sick.

I also loove watching day television when I'm sick. I can watch The View, The Price is Right (which isn't the same without Bob Barker), or General Hospital. Besides that, I watch reruns of shows I own on DVD (Friends and Gilmore Girls - the 2 best shows on the planet) or I just go thru my Netflix Queue.

3) The essentials when you are sick:

1. PINK Yoga Pants are the greatest comfy clothes. Cute, stylish, and perfect for lying on the couch all day.
2. This super comfy T-shirt is perfect for lounging on a sick day, but can also be worn with a skirt and heels for a night out.
3. Sweatshirts and hoodies are the perfect items to throw on when you need to run to get the mail, but you don't want to change out of your ratty T-shirt and sweats. This cute hoodie also comes in many different colors.
4. The perfect slipper booties. Hot pink, furry, and perfect for cold toes.
5. You can't wear contacts on a sick day, so why not bring out your inner nerd with these adorable readers from Forever 21.
6. Purple is the color of royalty and the royal treatment is what you should get when you're sick. Cozy up with this blanket and everyone will bow to your feet (a.k.a. run to DQ to get you that Arctic Rush).
7. It's a pillow, it's a pet... It's a pillowpet! Okay, so I actually have wanted one of these for a while. They are super cute and soft, but I am holding out for a leopard pillowpet. If one doesn't come, I guess I can settle for this super cute panda.

When you're sick, just curl up on the couch with your Emergen-C, Harry Potter Book, and Fuzzy Blanket and watch old episodes of Gilmore Girls (what I am doing right now)!

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