Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My 3 Loves...

Hey everyone! Welcome to Coffee Books & Clothes - a blog about a girl and her 3 loves in this world.

1) I am addicted to caffeine. Drink it, shoot it, snort it, give it to me in whatever form you got it. Coffee is the most delicious drink on the planet.
Burn-your-tongue hot in the winter (I'm from Minnesnowta) and refreshingly iced in the summer. Coffee is a must-have for me. P.S. I also looove chocolate-covered coffee beans!

2) Books = my life. Read, read, read is all that girl ever does. I will read anything and everything I can get my hands onto.
Classics are a must, contemporary is imperative, fantasies are compelling, and chick lit is my guilty pleasure. But with my passion for reading being said, there is one genre I cannot stand. Read. My. Lips. No Vampire Novels. I'm sorry to say it, but Twilight really did suck. Honestly, I think almost anyone could write better than that. Now, there was a point in my life (freshman year of high school) where I was a Twilight-freak like the rest of the world. But, I have learned from my mistakes and MOVED ON. Please, if you are obsessed with Twilight, do something nice for yourself and pick up a real novel, such as Harry Potter (yes, I am Harry Potter obsessed, but we'll talk about that later). Anyways, reading is comforting, rewarding, exciting, and a lovelovelove for me.

3) Clothes are my newest love. I have recently found an obsession with fashion blogs and my closet! I love putting outfits together so everything works perfectly. Every day I get more excited about figuring out what I should wear. An older love of mine is make-up, so some beauty tips might sneak into my blog sometimes. My clothing style is more on the preppy and girly side, but since I don't live in the Upper East Side, I pick comfort over couture.

A few fave pieces of mine are: light blue oxford, jeans (a must), skinny braided belt, denim dress, cheetah flats, aviator sunglasses, pearl earrings, navy blue cardigans, black skirts, leggings and bright-colored tights, crew neck sweaters, and anything navy blue. Clothing is my newest, but most fun (not funnest - I am a grammar freak, as well) love.

I hope you continue to read and follow my blog. I will try my hardest to post every day (warning: school, work, extracurriculars, family, dog, and life in general may come in the way). I am Hannah and coffee, books, and clothes are my 3 loves.

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