Saturday, September 17, 2011

On The Go

Busy busy busy bumble bee.

Fall is seriously the busiest time of year for me. School kicks in and everything else just explodes. Work, extracurriculars, football games, meetings, bonfires, volunteer work, etc. I am constantly busy and am always on-the-go.

Here is my favorite on-the-go coffee, books, and clothes...

#1  Starbucks Drive-Thru. I went through it today for breakfast on my way to a meeting downtown. I grabbed their famously delicious blueberry scone and I tried the new Salted Caramel Mocha.
Oh boy was it an amazing breakfast!!! I sipped my drink as a drove and devoured the heavenly scone. I would recommend this drink to anyone. It had my favorite three flavors - caramel, chocolate, and coffee - all rolled into one.

#2  Pocket-Sized. Easy to throw in my purse and perfect for reading during the few moments of down time in an otherwise busy day. These pocket-sized novels are a tad hard to read, but it's worth not carrying a 5 pound book in a bag meant to carry 3 pounds.

#3  Scarves. I love scarves. They are easy fashionable accessories that go with everything. Throw one on with a T-shirt and jeans and you just made your outfit look 100 times better. They keep you warm and come in so many styles, prints, and colors. Here are my fall favorites...

Bzzz... Busy busy girl :)

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