Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday I'm In Love

Oh the joys of Friday! Cheers to the freaking weekend!

To celebrate the weekend and end of summer (it is labor day weekend, after all), I compiled my favorites of coffee, books, and clothes from the summer. Take a look...

1) Mmmm.... I love summer coffee. Blended drinks are by far one of my favorite coffee drinks and I love the caramel flavor :) I also love iced coffee (it tastes so good on a hot day) and I added smoothies, because they are soooo delicious.

2) Summer reading has come to an end :( No more reading, while soaking up the sun. But, here's some of the books I read this summer...
Harry Potter series - a classic favorite of mine that I had to reread this summer, for the last movie came out
The Beautiful & the Damned - a book I had been wanting to read, and I finally got around to it during the summer
Things Fall Apart - a sad, classic novel that I read for school
Sophie's World - this *required* novel for school was equally philosophically intriguing and confusing
Flipped - one of my favorite books in middle school that I wanted to reread this summer (see the movie too!)
Something Like Fate - it wouldn't be summer, without a little teen romance novel... :)
Whatever Happened to Goodbye - ah yes, Sarah Dessen, a guilty pleasure of mine (see this post)
Wuthering Heights - a novel I have always wanted to read, and finally got the chance to this summer for school summer reading

3) Check out my favorite pieces from summer...
1. Jean shorts... enough said
2. I wear cute sundresses all summer long
3. Neon nail polish is really in right now, and I love these two shades
4. Another cute dress, perfect for a summer night out
5. Tees - a summer basic
6. This cute tank is easy and cute to throw on with some shorts
7. Another cute printed tank
8. It wouldn't be summer without flip flops, but these flip flops are extra cute and meaningful to me. These are J*Flops, a brand my cousin started and is currently running. J*Flops are extremely adorable flip flops, and get this, there are wedding flip flops! I'm serious - they're so cute and perfect when you're heels are hurting your feet at a wedding. So hop on over to J*Flops to take a look at the fabulously fun flip flops!
9. A cute braided belt to wear with shorts or a sundress
10. Classic aviator sunglasses
11. A cute, colorful pair of shorts

I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend and bask in the last few days of summer goodness :)

P.S. The title of this post is the name of a great song by The Cure (an amazing oldie band).

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