Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am the featured guest blogger on Living in Yellow - the hilarious and down-to-earth blog from Erin! Erin is amazing - she's funny, sweet, and real. Go check out her blog now!!!

And now, onto the post...

 I am a major nerd. Harry Potter all the waaayy!!!
I'm wearing my Gryffindor T-shirt, my Luna Lovegood glasses, and my own special wand :)

 Hehe! Sorry for the mistake!
Do it.
Embrace your inner-nerd.
Everyone has some nerdish quality about them.
Don't be shy. Don't be embarrassed.

I love to read, I love Harry Potter, I love playing Risk, I love to play videogames, and I actually like going to school and learning! (Shhhh.... it's a secret!)

#1  Black coffee for all you nerds??? We need some caffeine to help us through late-night papers, midnight videogaming, and weekend long comic conventions. Double espresso black is the answer.
#2  Top 10 Books Nerds Should and Like to Read...

Have a great, nerdy day :)

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  1. such a cute post :) i'm a new follower- found you via Living in Yellow. i also love coffee, books, and clothes so you can bet i'll be checking back often! have a great day!


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