Monday, September 12, 2011

The # 9

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of days! I won't list of my excuses... but life gets pretty hectic when September comes around. Anyways...

I have 3 pictures for you today.

Actually 3 pics for all 3 things, so for all of you who aren't good at math thats 9 in total :)

That's 9,000 words I am actually writing today without writing!

#1  Coffee Love
I think I would be friends with the person who made this.

True Life.

Yummy coffee beans!

#2  Things Made Out of Books
My personal haven/fort.

Stories really do come to life!

My kind of nightstand.

#3  Fall Fashion


  1. Once again, a nice blog entry. Keep them all originals. :)

  2. Hey, I'm a new follower. :)
    I love the H&M sweater dress!

    Also, I read your about me.
    I just started my first year of college.
    Applications are the absolute worst.
    And I only applied to community college, I can't even imagine what university applications would be like.
    Best of luck to you!
    And I live in Florida and haven't even been to Wizarding World of Harry Potter yet.
    But I'm not like a diehard fan, so maybe it's best I haven't been yet. ;)

    <3 Ashlynn.


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