Thursday, September 8, 2011

Late Nights Begin

School has started, the air is getting chillier, scarves are being worn again... It seems as if fall is around the corner, except something is missing.... Ah yes, fall television!

New series come, old series return, and I spend my nights in front of the TV, scrambling to finish my homework as I watch the newest episode (hence the title).

Sooo... I am a nerd :) I made a chart of the fall television line-up for the 5 major networks (CBS, ABC, The CW, FOX, & NBC) for the days and times of the week that my favorite shows are on.

Check it out... (Note: The channels differ for different cable companies and locations & my time is central - so add an hour easterners and take away an hour or two westerners)

Instead of doing my homework, I did this :) I went to each channel and checked out the new shows... So here are my reviews of the ones that I am most likely going to watch this year (if a show didn't make it on my schedule, it wasn't worthy of my time... hehe).

Old Shows:
  • The Good Wife - my all-time one-the-air favorite right now!!!
  • Desperate Housewives - a classic that I am addicted to
  • Modern Family - if you haven't seen Modern Family stop reading right now and go watch it (seriously just go)
  • Grey's Anatomy - another amazing classic that may keep repeating itself, but I can't help myself
  • Gossip Girl - rich, spoiled, privileged, unrealistic teenagers living in NYC (too good!)
  • 90210 - my secret guilty pleasure that's hard for me to admit
  • Glee - again, if you haven't seen Glee, go watch it now
  • Biggest Loser - an inspiring show to watch, especially because I am usually sitting on my a** and eating junk food while watching these people intensely work out and eat super healthy (fun stuff!)
  • Parenthood - I am a huge fun of Lauren Graham and her acting really shines in this fabulously funny drama/comedy about family
  • The Real Housewives of Beverely Hills - it's not apart of a major network, but this is my guilty pleasure that is definitely worth divulging into the spoiled, pretentious, and downright hilarious reality show about rich women
Instead of doing my homework and studying for the ACT, I watched TV previews...

New Shows:
  • 2 Broke Girls - this show had some funny and witty lines about two opposite personality waitresses
  • Unforgettable - an intriguing premise about a female detective who remembers everything (except her sister's murder)
  • Person of Interest - another interesting plot about a man who tries to stop every bad thing from happening from this machine thing (I'm kind of lost...)
  • A Gifted Man - an intelligent and successful doctor starts seeing his dead ex-wife
  • Once Upon a Time - a mixed-up fairytale TV show that has interesting ideas behind it, but I'm not so sure how it will actually come across
  • Pan Am - this looks like a funny show about 1960's flight attendants (if you're a history buff like me, this looks like a must-watch)
  • Last Man Standing - Tim Allen is back in this sitcom with a fun cast
  • Suburgatory - A kind of funny TV show about moving to the suburbs (not much potential)
  • Revenge - a girl that moves into a wealthy, elite social group to avenge her father's death (it has potential)
  • Charlie's Angels - I looove Minka Kelly and Charlie's Angels, so I am very excited to see how this show plays out
  • Hart of Dixie - a cute show about a big city doctor moving to a small town
  • Ringer - Sarah Michelle Gellar is back x 2 in a thriller about twin sisters
  • H8R - a reality show that makes people face the celebrities they hate (hilariously dumb and will probably not last)
  • The Secret Circle - the preview didn't catch me, but the description did (a girl is inherently witch and is brought into the circle when her mom dies)
  • Terra Nova - an Avatar-esque TV show about the world in 2149, but the main characters save themselves by returning to dinosaur time
  • New Girl - I love Zooey Deschanel and this looks freaking hilarious!!!
  • The X Factor - I had to put it in the list... Simon + Paula foreva.... just kidding...
  • I Hate My Teenage Daughter - I want to watch this with my mom :)
  • Grimm - another thriller/suspense/mystery/action TV show about a detective who's a descendant of the Grimm Brothers and can see the mystical people (like the Big Bad Wolf)
  • The Playboy Club - raunchy, funny, and full of secrecy... what's not to love?
  • Free Agents - a rom-com TV show about a divorcee and a almost-widow and their awkward one night stand
  • Up All Night - another parent TV show that looks funny, but probably won't last compared to Modern Family and Parenthood
  • Whitney - life told from the funny perspective of this strangely odd, yet surprisingly witty woman
  • Prime Suspect - I am a feminist and I definitely want to support this show about a woman on the police force full of men (girl power baby!)
Of course, not all of these may last more than 5 episodes, but these were the ones that I enjoyed the preview of.

Note: I probably won't even be able to watch half of the new shows because of my crazy busy high school schedule... :(

Okay, well I hope you liked my fall 2011-2012 TV lineup :) I must go off and study, study, study... (The ACT is this Saturday if you didn't know.)


  1. I don't watch any of those shows :p I've heard of Pan Am though- Mad Men in the air? Will defo be checking it out! xx

  2. That chart is very impressive, and your description of the new fall shows is very helpful. A lot of them I have not heard of. I am not much of a television person, but I think I will be checking out Pan-Am, Hart of Dixie and A Gifted Man.


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