Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hey everyone!! I had a busy busy weekend, how about you?

Anyways... Happy Monday to all of you! And today is extra special because Kylee from Sincerely, Kylee is guest blogging today!! Guys... Kylee's blog is soo cute and funny - go check it out after you read her adorable post :)

Take it away Kylee!


Hi there! 
I'm Kylee 
My little blog is called "Sincerely, Kylee" 

First-- Thanks Hannah for having me guest post! 
Second-- I had no idea what I was going to post about. 
So, I decided to talk about COFFEE, BOOKS AND CLOTHES! (What else?!)

My coffee of choice: Iced Coffee with Soy Milk. Yum! 

My Favorite Books: The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris. I know they can be a bit raunchy and far fetched, but I'm addicted! It's not okay. I don't watch "True Blood" because, well, it's HORRIBLY RAUNCHY. It's one thing to read some crazy stuff, but the producers of that show take it waay above and beyond. Again, not okay. 

Clothes: I like my clothes cheap, comfy, and cute! Here's an Outfit of the Day: 

There you have it! My version of Coffee, Books and Clothes. Thanks again, Hannah. :) 


Okay now go check out her blog!!

See ya later everyone :)

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